Children & Youth

Children and Worship

Children, with all their movement and noise are welcome in worship at Calvary. It is common for at least one child to be up front, playing or just getting a better view during much of worship. In worship, there is a “Time with Children,” a message specifically created for concrete thinkers often using stories, art, or objects. After the Time with Children, children are given the choice to go downstairs to education, or stay in the sanctuary for worship. Children who choose to go to education are supervised by two background checked adults at all times.

Children’s Education

Calvary offers Christian Education for children each Sunday morning. Currently, Calvary has mostly very young children, who are encouraged to learn, play, sing, and explore through all their senses the message that God loves them. Calvary is an adaptable church, and would be excited to offer classes for older children and adolescents as well!